the banana thief

I have deduced, to some extent, yet another disturbing way of humans that grotesque as taken at face value, in fact ensures our survival. We are all thieves. While some of us have stolen away to the more extreme hemisphere of the matter, we have all, to some extent, taken that which is not ours.… Continue reading the banana thief

des fraises pour ma cherie

Fourteen years ago was the very first time I tasted ice cream. Before then I always had popsicles and shaved ice - all in the most traditional Taiwanese sweet flavours such as salted plum, duck egg, and longan muscovado. So you can imagine that late night, as my brother and I laid in our bunk… Continue reading des fraises pour ma cherie

Forever One, and Only

This morning, I said to my mother, "You look beautiful in that dress." And as she sat, across from the table, she couldn't help but smile. It was a breathtaking smile, the kind that's so bright that it becomes a white-washed photo in one's memory. Outside the window, drops of rain were beginning to fall,… Continue reading Forever One, and Only

Gateau Fuji

If lovely had been a fruit, what would it look like? I think apples when I see the word lovely. Lovely is a young lady shy of seventeen years, blushing a pastel pink. Lovely is a grandmother beyond seven tens, eyes green and bright smiling through round spectacles. Lovely is a rising star, her talons… Continue reading Gateau Fuji


This is a tart special for plenty of reasons, the greatest being that it encompasses two of my "firsts". The crust is the first gluten free crust I have ever attempted, and thank God, it turned out quite pleasantly. The second first (oxymoron there!) is the chocolate silk filling, which is absolutely, undeniably, and impossibly to… Continue reading Bittersweet