Does ice cream make kids smarter?

I enjoy reading The Economist during dinnertime, a source of convenient insight and quick information that I generally trust to have some level of class and be reasonably unbiased. In the rare cases where opinion is wheeled onto center stage on a trolley, it would be clearly labelled “THIS IS AN OPINION. NOT FACT”, so… Continue reading Does ice cream make kids smarter?

Creme de la Creme

I know I've been pretty low-key for what, two months now? And originally, back at the end of school and prelude to July I did plan to do some heavy-duty blogging, cooking, and photographing. The latter twosome I did, somewhat, fulfill. As for the former...well, I do apologize and I do intend to make up for… Continue reading Creme de la Creme

des fraises pour ma cherie

Fourteen years ago was the very first time I tasted ice cream. Before then I always had popsicles and shaved ice - all in the most traditional Taiwanese sweet flavours such as salted plum, duck egg, and longan muscovado. So you can imagine that late night, as my brother and I laid in our bunk… Continue reading des fraises pour ma cherie