Before we go any deeper, I must tell you: I am so glad you found your way to Coco et Cocoa.

If I could, I would ask you to come inside and I’d make us tea so we can chat the day away about whether or not raisins belong in oatmeal cookies, if runny yolks are better than fudgy yolks, and those many times when your food arrived reeking of cilantro when you specifically asked the server to leave them out.

But you’re busy, and I’m busy (you’ll see why) and you very likely are not anywhere near where I live, so Coco et Cocoa would have to do as our coffee table.

Now, here are some quick facts about me, but feel free to ask me anything – I love questions, and I promise I will answer them as best I can!

Who: Jen Ann Chen, an actuarial associate, pianist, and runner who occasionally spends too much time in the kitchen.

Where: Waterloo, Canada (this is subject to change often)

When: This is a weird one to answer, but I’ll try to cover all the stats. Coco et Cocoa started in 2012. Generally during exam months (April, October) posting frequency will shrivel like mushrooms on pizza, and during summer is when you’ll see the most posts because here up north that’s when we get extensive daylight (which is what I shoot all my photos in). I’m not a huge fan of making recipes weeks prior to a holiday just so I can post it and get tons of likes from the holiday buzz. Food does not live for holidays, it’s quite the opposite, as far as I’m concerned.

WhatCoco et Cocoa is not another pretty food blog where you gush over the photos and pin it onto your Pinterest board but go on eating Honey Nut Cheerios again the next morning. Coco et Cocoa is about not just the food you want to eat, but the food that you’ll actually make, and make over and over again. How can I be so sure? Because everything on Coco et Cocoa is what I make all the time for my friends and myself to eat all the time.

WhyCoco et Cocoa is here for three main reasons:

  1. to be a compilation of all my original recipes so that I can make them again (recipe cards are out, sorry),
  2. to discuss some of the things going on in the world that have a rightful place at a coffee table alongside with a cuppa Joe and your local version of the Globe and Mail. Last but not least,
  3. to be a space for celebration of things big and small – from the first sighting of rhubarb at the farmer’s market to moving to a different city to start a new job.

Can’t get enough? 

Aw, you make me blush, but due to other commitments I can’t stick around here too often, but if you want to get the ‘in’ on my most up-to-date, Instagram’s the place you want to go. Just search up, @jayehcee. I’m serious when I say this: as you comment or like my dinner photo, the food’s probably still hot on the table as I eat it.

So there you go, a bit about me, a bit about Coco et Cocoa. What are you waiting for? Leave a comment, say hi, share, follow and tell me your favourite flavour of ice cream! (Because I may or may not be getting an ice cream machine this summer!!)

Thoughts? I'd love to hear them!

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