Cauliflower: “Call me beef.”

Two weeks after Bruce Jenner hit the news stands on the Vanity Fair cover posing as "Caitlyn" Jenner with his newly acquired and sensuously voluptuous curls of hair, full bustier, and barbie-doll waist-to-hip ratio, it seems that the entire world world has been caught in a state of trance, or might I say trans. The case of… Continue reading Cauliflower: “Call me beef.”

A Bit of Spring Cleaning

Get ready! Because you're about to be hit by a blizzard , no it's not winter anymore, I mean, explosion of recipes, all of which are vegan, super vibrant, fresh, and absolutely delicious! For those of you who are staying in touch via instagram (it's on the right-hand-side, just click and follow to stay up-to-plate… Continue reading A Bit of Spring Cleaning

They were white, then yellow, and finally brown

Winter is forcing me into a corner slowly. But it's not annoying or boring - almost as if it's challenging me. Its eyes, with the shimmer of an icicle dangling from the edge of a roof and its tip catching a bursting ray of sun shooting past, catches mine. In a sort of playful intimidation… Continue reading They were white, then yellow, and finally brown