It’s a cold, chocolate-covered world

R i b b o n s  o f  a m b e r 10, 000 lemons' perfume p i r o u e t t e s  i n  t e a .   B i t t e r s w e e t, except not bitter, not dark at all is sweet, sickly  s… Continue reading It’s a cold, chocolate-covered world

add avocados – $2

I despised cilantro for the longest time. Blame the Taiwanese street vendors - they put it on everything. Taiwanese beef noodle? Cilantro it. Oyster vermicelli? Cilantro it. Sticky rice cakes? Why not, let's cilantro the heck out of it! Thank God for Typhoons Saola and Tembin, which saved me my misery when I was there in… Continue reading add avocados – $2