Noodling up your best

You'll be fine, as long as you do your best, they say. I've lived and sworn by this for my entire life, or at least as soon as I had the slightest clue of what any of those words meant. But lately, I haven't been so sure. What does fine mean? What does my best mean? Is… Continue reading Noodling up your best

bless you, industrialization

Closely linked to and much like democracy, industrialization is also a protégé of Western politics. While I would probably say that democracy granted to developing countries is probably as bad as giving chocolate to a dog, it would be unfitting to say the same of industrialization. (Yes, hate to break it to you about democracy,… Continue reading bless you, industrialization

Worthy is the Lamb

It's almost Easter weekend, maybe you've arranged for the third turkey since the past thanksgiving, or perhaps a glazed ham butt tickles your fancy, except, far less than it did a season ago. However, let me remind you: you are the master of your oven. You are the talented host of the party no matter which in-laws… Continue reading Worthy is the Lamb