Eggs for the better

Turmeric Jewelled Rice with Spiced Ratatouille, Cumin Fried Egg, Yoghurt, and Pistachios

Deep into Friday night, when the Internet usually creeps the closest it can to something remotely akin to repose, sparks flew. The world was bellowing its plea in three words: pray for Paris. Those who understood the heaviness of those words and the price of prayer knelt on their knees to pay just that. Some who have only… Continue reading Eggs for the better

On Alex Colville

It's the ordinary things that seem important to me. This Sunday I enjoyed the rare luxury of having the entirety of an afternoon liberated from any obligation to weigh it down. So I went see the lovely mister Alex Colville at the gallery across the bridge. If you're anyone like me, regardless of the reason… Continue reading On Alex Colville

Cauliflower: “Call me beef.”

Two weeks after Bruce Jenner hit the news stands on the Vanity Fair cover posing as "Caitlyn" Jenner with his newly acquired and sensuously voluptuous curls of hair, full bustier, and barbie-doll waist-to-hip ratio, it seems that the entire world world has been caught in a state of trance, or might I say trans. The case of… Continue reading Cauliflower: “Call me beef.”

clay pots

Standing on any major milestone, some of us may gaze on the next mile, most of us will look back to see the stretch of our journeys thus far, reveling at how our own two feet have tread upon gravel, sand, mud, and mire to get to where we are: a place for breath. Almost… Continue reading clay pots