Syrup and Snow

Gentle as the spring breeze may blow, her cutting chill still manages to penetrate into my guts and bones as I stand in romance with the picturesque country scenery just twenty minutes on foot from the warmth of my home. My numb fingers, pink from the biting cold, peek out from my mitten holes, and… Continue reading Syrup and Snow

PB&A Brownies

P is for peanut, B is for for A, it is for adzuki. It may seem like an uncertain rendez-vous for the two, but peanut butter is nothing new in an oriental pantry. Just think peanut-coconut dipping sauces and peanut-butter-stuffed glutinous rice balls simmered in ginger muscovado tea. I love peanut butter in both its… Continue reading PB&A Brownies

Matcha no. 8

Few things can win me over when I have a dark, dense slice of chocolate cake in my hands. The midnight smokiness of cocoa is just too seductive, and yet there is one other that makes my heart skip beat when it catches my eye: matcha. In many ways it is cocoa's green cousin. In terms… Continue reading Matcha no. 8