Tierce de Picanterie

One thought on “Tierce de Picanterie”

  1. Nice recipe and beautiful pictures. A couple general pieces of advice: precooking a starchy food like yams in boiling water or the microwave before coating them with oil and roasting them. This causes starch molecules to burst releasing a sort of gelatinous starchy substance that allows the fries to get seriously crispy. Also fry oil can certainly be used more than once before going rancid. While it is true that the temperatures involved will create rancid tasting by-products of oxidation over time fry oil can be re-used any number of times depending on various factors. A good overview can be found here: http://www.seriouseats.com/2013/09/ask-the-food-lab-how-many-times-can-i-reuse-fry-oil.html

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